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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tactical Adventure Course 2007

In the spring of 2007 I was told on a Friday afternoon that I would have a group of 10 corporate executives showing up on the following Monday.  They would be there for 5 days and were looking for a teambuilding experience.  My only guidance was that they didn't want to be seriously hurt, beyond that, they were up for anything. 

I quickly went to work and designed a challenging 5 day Tactical Adventure Course that consisted of 4 days training with a final mission.  This course was seriously fun for everyone.  We trained them for 4 days on a variety of Special Operations stuff, too much to mention here, using the crawl, walk, run approach.  They were challenged, learned to communicate with each other in new ways, how to think on their feet and solve problems as a team all the while doing things they never imagined.  On Thursday afternoon we gave them their mission brief.  Their planning and preparation lasted well into the night and on the following morning, their mission began. 

Most of their training and mission will remain confidential, only they know the real story, but it was a tough mission, required them to work together using all of their training, and in the end, they won.

Here's a few brief shots of the final day.

After mulitple insertions by helicopter, the team linked up and conducted movement to the objective, where a surprise was waiting for them.

With little time to spare, they had to work fast to sort through some unexpeced challenges and get moving before they were comprimised.

Don't spend too much time talking about it, action is required.

Two team members making a fast escape off the X.

I don't know if they had more fun, or I did, but it was a great 5 days.  Everyone learned more than they expected and the daily debriefs gave all participants a chance to express individual perspectives and thoughts.  Job well done guys! 

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Tactical Adventure Course

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