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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Small groups, heavy loads

Character is forged and awesome things happen to those that volunteer for hard missions.  Moving thru rough country day after day with a heavy load, a few friends and the remnants of a plan is a “great day”.  When your team is en route to a rally point that will require you to rise above the pain, hunger, confusion and fear that you all feel, to complete a difficult job is simply the best.  Knowing that you have miles left to go, and a job to do when you get there, and then miles left to get out, is an awesome feeling.  Suffering like this is a privilege and one that you have fought for.  It’s joins you with a proud legacy of those that went Beyond Normal Limits long before your time. 
It’s commando to move fast on foot day after day with a ruck so heavy you can barely put it on by yourself, or by truck, boat or horse and know that you still own the night, and can pass right through someone else’s AO.  It’s you and your team.  Most sane people stopped long ago, but you’re still out there- struggling along rough trails, fighting your way through a jungle, climbing to great heights on remote mountains, you push on with a team.  You put the pain out of your mind.  You thrive in the chaos and know that it’s your advantage.  You maintain 100% accountability and security all the time.
The objective is far in front of you, way beyond.  You catch an encouraging look from a teammate.  It’s subtle.  A barely perceptible nod and a quick flash of a smile that says, “Keep pushing brother, I’ll see you on the other side”.  So, you do.  You are in it all the way to the finish, no matter what. You left normal a long time ago.   When you get there, you know it was worth it. You know that no one else will understand.  “Why did you do it”?  You don’t even bother to answer.