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Friday, July 12, 2013

Man Swims for 5 Hours to Save Family

Man Swims for 5 Hours to Save Family

OK, I'm not posting this to start a debate on whether or not he should have left the group and swam to shore.  He was there and made the call.  I would have probably done the same, not knowing any more info than what we have in this story.  It worked out for him, he did a rock star move and saved his family. 

The point is, are you ready for an epic event? Are you ready to take the steps necessary for extreme action when that's what is called for, without hesitating?  Are we mentally ready? Physically ready?  Don't assume, or don't rely on the philosophy of "rising to the occasion".  Take the time, make the investment and train your mind and body to endure the extreme.  Fill the tool box with a few skills that can carry you through an extremis event.  Learn your limits so you can exceed them.

You never know when you'll be called into extreme action.  Be ready. 

Selection Never Ends

Monday, July 8, 2013

Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW)

Check out our friends over at Special Operations Wounded Warriors.  The SOWW team is passionate about helping our wounded SOF vets and they create one of a kind experiences to show support and say thanks for the serious sacrifices of our SOF vets and their families.

Past events have been labeled "takin bacon" (hint: SOF guys, gear and guns in the backwoods of SC) and were examples of the very best of the type of support shown to our SOF vets.  Combined with gear giveaways from some of the industries top brands, and good food, these events have been huge successes.  Next years event should be even bigger.

If you know, or know of a wounded SOF vet that may be interested, contact the SOWW team or ADVENTURE OPERATIONS GROUP for more information. 

Head over to their site and show them support or better yet, plan to attend a future SOWW event, you won't forget it.