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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AOG promotes SOF focus in all we do.  Focus is critical, it drives performance in all aspects of life and improving focus is the single fastest way to take your team to the next level.  Check out the update below from "Team Blacops" (Big Lake Artic Cat).   Friends of AOG from Alaska, James and Jason are training for the grueling Iron Dog Race.  Team Blacops is focused on a mission, and we wish them good luck, and whatever else you wish someone preparing to huck themselves into the Alaska backcountry, in winter, with limited support, as a buddy team, in winter, in Alaska.  Crush it Blacops!
Iron Dog.

The Iron Dog Gold Rush Classic is a 2000 + mile snowmachine race from Big Lake to Nome then back to Fairbanks. It is the longest snowmachine race in the world. and one of the longest X-country motor sport races in the world.. Unlike many other races this one is kinda unsupported, in other words you have to make it to a check point to work on or fix/fuel your machine.  It's so hazardous it must be ran with a team member ( no solo riders). The riders must battle the elements from Snow and Cold of course but there's also a frozen ocean section we must cross twice, plus mountains and rivers and lakes that may or may not be completely frozen depending on conditions. You must also navigate your way through since there is no "marked" trail but more or less general "waypoints" from check point to check point. The other thing is there aren't any roads or towns or villages along the way except the check points, with longest stretch being 120 miles apart.
Our training for this is besides gym time, swimming and weight training.  We Ride sections of the trail as much as we can, it's usually between 80-300 miles every other day or night. During the race we will ride between 100-500 miles in a day. depending on mandatory layovers. The goal isn't to ride as fast as the machine will allow but to ride in the 70%-80% capability of the machine.
Due to the nature of the race almost two thirds of the field will be taken out due to mechanical failures. SO reliability is key in both the rider and machine. There are many aspects of this race and besides the physical elements, mental prep and team work are very crucial skills. Always looking out for your team mate is key, there are sections of the race that speeds will be near 100 mph for over 100 miles average. So crashes out there can be hazardous since you are basically calling via sat phone for help, and that help may not be able to get to you again depending on weather for hours to days. So competitors will and DO look out for one another.
Please visit their website at www.teamblacops.com to learn more, and follow James and Jason as they finish their training and prepare for one tough mission.  Stay FOCUSED boys.