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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corporate Zeal

How do you create mission focused employees?  How do you encourage team members to subordinate personal agendas and function as a cohesive team in the current chaos?  What techniques work to mitigate the negative effects of organizational stress? How do I train my team? These are questions every manager struggles with, at every level of organizations.  Lackluster performance, poor motivation, lack of initiative and  bad morale can cause frustration and seem like insurmountable challenges for corporate leaders.  This frustration is compounded by the confusing nature of most Human Resources departments, which at some major corporations are either too over tasked or just simply not equipped to handle the non standard issues that are keeping your team from becoming great.

Managers in all organizations are desperate for staff that are mission focused, but often lack the know how, time or ability to create that focus.  Most organizations are filled with great individuals who want to succeed and want their organizations to succeed.  These employees want to be led by great leaders that know how to inspire their teams to work together as a cohesive unit and achieve the right goals.   

Here are three things managers can do to improve your team's focus and motivation:

1)  Regularly remind your team of your organization's mission or purpose.  It sounds simple, but mangers need to regularly remind their staff of why their organization exists and what the overall mission is.  Employees at ALL levels need to hear this.  Often new hires are exposed to the organization's mission and values during on boarding, but forget and lose focus once comfortable in their positions.  At the start of a monthly staff meeting is a great time to quickly restate the Strategic Mission of the company, with an example or two of recent organizational success stories.

2) Define and communicate your division, team or Business Unit mission within the overall company mission.  Team members who understand how their team or division supports the overall goal are far more likely to stay engaged in the right activities to achieve that goal.  Communicate this message as often as necessary, but especially when new staff or team members are hired.

3) Ensure that individuals on your team understand #1 and 2 above, and how their personal life mission fits in with them.  Individuals who are misaligned with organizational goals and values must be either realigned or encouraged to move on to other opportunities, period.  As a leader within your organization,  it is your responsibility is to manage this process and do everything in your sphere of influence to ensure that individuals on your team are aligned within all 3 spheres of "mission focus".

Need help getting your team focused?  Adventure Operations Group is a company staffed by energetic and high performance instructors that have survived the chaos of combat, understand modern corporate leadership challenges, how to train for success in dynamic situations and who can help your staff learn to apply the values and principles that drive your organization's success.  

Most AOG instructors are combat veterans, from the ranks of the Special Operations units and other USG teams, but also include experts in climbing, survival, organizational development and what it takes to achieve elite personal performance.   AOG instructors are highly motivated and committed to introducing you and your team to the principles of "SOF Focus", and showing your team how to consistently deliver winning results in all conditions.

Contact us today to learn more.

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