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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mobile Adventure Missions- Outer Banks Infil

To the thousands of friends from PA, NJ, MD and VA who joined us in the OBX this year, hopr you had a great visit.  AOG was on patrol this summer on US Route 158, and observed the usual diversity of Surfboard, Bike and Kayak tie down jobs on the rides headed to the beach.

Let's do a quick AAR, so we don't lose the lessons for next year (you know you know this, so don't fight it).

For the mini van teams we have four words: "after market rack system".  Bungee cords are always risky.  But we love the motivation, you made it.  Go Paddle!


The classic tailgate system is always a favorite, follows Rule #1 and KISS:

SUV squad setting the example:

When it comes to strapping toys on the roofs of cars, Subaru owners are the Special Operations of "mobile adventure teams".  Their stuff is so squared away I hardly ever see anything breaking Rule #1.  But Subaru drivers heading to the OBX take a good look at the below pic and trust me, YOU WON'T MAKE IT.

The Jeep thing, it's not a suggestion:

Hope your OBX mission next year is a total success.  If your breaking Rule #1 down Route 158 though, you may end up in a future story so get squared away.  

Here are four rules from Adventure Operations Group for super strap down jobs for surfboards, kayaks, or whatever else you had to bring to the OBX:

1)  Bungee Cords not good, especially in wrecks or if you have to outrun Zombies at high speed, your stuff will be gone.

2)  If you have multiple colors and models of "tie downs", you should spend extra time on the whole deal before going wheels up.  Typically the dude with 4 different color tie downs on the roof, thinks about tie downs once a year (the morning he's packing up for the OBX).  Just spend an extra 10 minutes, that's all were saying.

3)  "If there's any doubt, there is no doubt"  (Dinero quote from HEAT, and a good rule for eating anything in Afghanistan).  

4) Traffic slows to a crawl about 25 miles away from the beach, thousands of people will see your work at 7-10 miles per hour. There are no detours or side roads, you won't be able to escape, and your wife will have no mercy on you.

See you next year at the OBX, hope your gear makes it in one piece.  Go Surf, Paddle, Sail, Kite and crush it.  Keep training this winter.


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