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Sunday, September 22, 2013

This stuff will make you stronger

Yes, it's worth it.  Yes, it's really that good.  Yes you should buy one.  Why, because we say so.  We are a group of folks who put this stuff to use in hostile, dynamic and austere environments of high adventure and high callings.

Arc Teryx Atom LT Multicam

Many of you may never know what goes into the Arc Teryx LEAF line.  Trust me when I say that the genetics of AC LEAF is the kind of stuff you need to get into.  By simply putting on a jacket, you can join a modern legacy of an elite brotherhood, warrior athletes who push the limits in ALL THINGS.  A group that moves in the shadows, and avoids the spotlight.  Individuals who trust products that help them move further, faster and lighter. 

For outerwear, clothing and gear they trust no brand more than Arc Teryx and the LEAF team.  What happens when you match forged SOF Focus with the most talented and focused product design engineers on earth?  Arc Teryx LEAF is what happens.

If you believe that the right fit, the right feeling and the right brand can enhance your performance, cause you to dig a little deeper, train a little harder and connect with a core group of experts who take it to the limits every day, the get into some Arc Teryx and get ready to go  above and beyond.

This stuff is awesome.


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