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Monday, November 18, 2013

AOG Teton Mission- Part 1

Who:  Brad, Sean, Mark, Brenton and Coach Rob

What: Adventure Operations Group- Teton Operator Course (Summer)

Where: Jackson, WY; Teton National Park and "off grid" spots

When:  August 7-12, 2013

Why:  Intense mountain ops course with a big final mission

This course will advance the performance and push the limits of motivated individuals. You'll be trained by AOG and Exum Guides in leadership, mountain survival, tactical shooting and alpine climbing.  The training is preparation for a big final mission, an epic test of mountaineering skill and endurance requiring total focus and team commitment. 

Jackson, WY and the surrounding Teton's are the perfect environment for extreme outdoor challenges, advanced multi-sport adventure travel, tactical and survival training.

The Mission 
In August 2013 Adventure Operations Group and Brenton Reagan (Exum Mountain Guides) teamed up for 4 days in Jackson, WY.  The Teton Operator course is an exclusive offering from AOG and is designed as a multi-day mountain adventure course with a big final team mission.  The goal was to push the limits of fast and light alpine movement, mountain survival, leadership, tactical shooting, downhill mountain biking and climbing.  We tap into the elite training environment of the Tetons and the warrior mindset to master individual challenges, learn advanced team skills and go "Beyond Normal Limits."
Now scheduling for summer 2014 courses.  Contact brad@adventureoperationsgroup.com for more info.

Day 1 & 2

Day 1: 0745- The AOG team meets Brenton Reagan, Senior Guide with Exum at the Gondola in Teton village.  After a short Gondola ride, we're off on the first mission, a Cody Peak run.

Cody Peak Run
Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate (fast hiking, running, scrambling)
Gear: Small Pack, lightweight shell, 1 liter water, running shoes, sunglasses

Cody Peak (10,800)

This was a short, fun conditioning session designed to get the team accustomed to moving fast and light at a higher altitude

"The Cody Peak run is a great conditioning event for those not accustomed to moving at altitude.  The pace is challenging, but the goal is for all to finish, have fun, try out their gear and to practice some basic alpine movement skills." Brad

Fast and light is the rule

From Day 1, the pace of the course is challenging and follows the standards normally reserved for Special Operations and Military mountaineering clients.

The finer points of maintaining balance and control while down climbing steep terrain

Downhill Mountain Bike
Time: 3 hours
Difficulty:  Moderate to Advanced
Gear: Approach shoes, shorts, t-shirt or base layer shirt, eye protection, small pack (light snack, hydration bladder) Your mountain bike, helmet and body armor will be provided.

Kitted up and ready to go big, and fast

"The feeling you get when putting on helmets and armor, adjusting your equipment to fit perfectly and preparing yourself mentally for the "red zone" is familiar to all warriors, regardless of the type of battle one may be preparing for." Brad

 Warrior mindset not included, but highly encouraged
For 3 hours we blasted steep trails, high speed turns and landed big jumps.  Downhill Mountain Bikes are meant to be ridden all out.  We completed 10 runs on the course before heading back to refuel, change clothes and prep for the next mission.
"Pushing your limits in new environments is a great way to reset your adaptability and improve leadership skills.  AOG's missions call for a higher levels of skill and performance and always go Beyond Normal Limits" Brad
Warrior Fitness session at Mountain Athlete
Time: 60 Minutes
Difficulty: Strenuous, advanced functional fitness workout
Gear: PT shorts, Shirt (that you don't care about), running shoes, 1 liter water
Mountain Athlete, and owner Rob Shaul are dedicated to training the most elite athletes in the world.  Some of Jackson's best free skiers, climbers, professional guides and endurance competitors train with Mountain Athlete.  Their programs are so popular with extreme athletes that naturally the Special Operations and other military units are drawn to the elite human performance programming. 

After arriving at the gym, we were met by Coach Jordan, one of the full time Mountain Athlete trainers.  He led us through a quick orientation to the gym layout, and briefed us on the custom WOD he had prepared for us.  Pain soon followed.  There were few pictures taken of the suffering.  Any hope that Coach Jordan was planning to take it easy on us quickly diminished.  After the morning Cody Peak run, downhill mountain bike session, and a 60 minute WOD, we were ready for some serious grub and sleep back at Teton Village.
 Mark recovering
As our team worked through 60 minutes of the most elite fitness programming available anywhere, it was clear to the team that we still have a lot to learn about training.  I can't wait for the next chance to work out there!
The gym, and the athletes that train there inspire elite performance.  Want to learn more about our workout or become a mountain athlete client?  Check out their website at: www.mountainathlete.com or join us for the next AOG Teton Mission to find out!
Day 1 missions complete: Cody Peak run, Downhill mountain bike course and Mountain Athlete session. 
Day 2
Day 2: Mountain Ops- Rock climbing and Team Alpine Movement
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate- hiking, bouldering, technical climbing (up to 5.7)
Gear: Lightweight hiking pants, synthetic t-shirt, approach shoes, day pack (lunch, 1 liter water, sunscreen, sunglasses, lightweight base layer top/bottom, rain shell
 * All rock climbing equipment provided

Learn route finding and mountain navigation
The pace for day two continued to move rapidly. Our team progressed quickly through bouldering, balance on rock, basic climbing holds and movements, rope management, belaying, route finding and alpine team movement.  One of our team, Mark, was a first time rock climber.
Mark gets a class on rope management and belaying
Fist time climbers will advance quickly and safely through the basics in the perfect classroom
"The terrain in the hidden falls area was perfect for rapid skill progression and before we knew it we were three pitches in.  The team was doing great, but I was most impressed with Mark, who before today had never rock climbed.  He was motivated, had a great attitude and grasped the techniques quickly.  Brenton had Mark belay me up an easy section and I can already sense that Mark truly feels he is learning new critical skills and is an active participant of our mountain team." Brad

Small teams rely on every member for survival
We complete the last pitch and scramble to a large table top rock where we break for lunch.  After a few team pics, Brenton reviews everything we've covered this morning. 

Day two continued: Tactical Marksmanship refresher
Time:  2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate (M4 Rifle and 9mm Glock pistol instruction)
Gear:  Long Pants, shirt, hiking boots, eye protection, M4, Glock 9MM (or similar), Small Go bag (snack, 1 liter water)
We spent the afternoon at a nearby range.  After a quick intro and safety brief, we headed to the pistol range for some work on the basics. 

Reviewing the fundamentals 
Slow aimed fire, both eyes open 
Whether leading pitches, backcountry ski routes or working the M4, Brenton has focus.
Brad works with Mark on mastering the M4 
Another well deserved winner at one of the many great restaurants in Teton Village after a long day of climbing and shooting

Jackson, WY (Info)
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 6311 Ft Elevation.  Base Camp for the 2013 AOG Teton Mission.  Located 12 miles NW of Jackson, WY.  In the winter the resort boasts some of the most advanced in bounds and back country skiing in the world.  In the summer, the resort serves as a perfect launching point for multi-sport adventures including: hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine mountaineering, paragliding, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, wilderness and backcountry travel and family adventures.

Grand Teton National Park Home to the spectacular and awe inspiring Teton Range.  The Grand Teton, the highest peak in the range, rises to 13,770 feet.  The Tetons are home to some of the most challenging and technical alpine climbing in North America and attract thousands of climbers and back country adventurers each year.

Exum Mountain Guides  North America's oldest and most prestigious school of mountaineering.  Exum has been guiding clients on the Grand Teton for over 80 years.  Exum's elite guides offer unmatched instruction, inspire initiative and responsibility and lead their clients through one of a kind mountaineering and climbing adventures as active participants.

Adventure Operations Group A veteran owned company dedicated to the pursuits of modern adventurers and the human performance lifestyle. AOG offers guided adventures, leadership training and instructional programs.  Through preparation, elite training and "SOF Focus", AOG leads individuals through transformative missions designed to push the limits of personal performance, mindset, teamwork, gear and adventure travel.  AOG shares epic experiences along with our clients as we continue to go BEYOND NORMAL LIMITS.  Get more out of your self and your team with AOG.


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